Psychology Major


34 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)

Major Requirements

MAT-125Data Analysis and Statistics

3 credits


MAT-212Multiple Regression Analysis

3 credits


PSY-100General Psychology

3 credits

PSY-112Introduction to Psychological Science

3 credits

PSY-201Developmental Psychology

3 credits

PSY-202Biological Psychology

3 credits

PSY-203Cognitive Psychology

3 credits

PSY-206Social Psychology

3 credits

PSY-312Research Design & Analysis I

3 credits

PSY-312LResearch Design and Analysis I Lab

1 credit

PSY-395Professional Pathways in Psychology

1 credit

PSY-498Psychology Capstone

3 credits

The credits for the math requirement (MAT-125 or MAT-212) are counted in the Professional Foundations minor.

Complete 1 senior project course from the following (complete 2-5 credits):

PSY-490Qualitative Senior Project

3 credits

PSY-492Quantitative Senior Project

3 credits


1-3 credits

HON-499Honors in Psychology

5 credits

A minimum of 2 credits is required for internship as a Senior Project.

Complete 2 courses from the following:

PSY-ELEC-Upper-Division (300-or-400-Level) Psychology Courses

6 credits

PSY ELEC:(excludes Independent Study courses)

Psychology majors are encouraged to complete PSY-395 in the junior year.


Upon successful completion of this major, students will be able to:

1) Engage in scientific inquiry and critical thinking through psychological research;
2) Describe key concepts, themes, and applications of psychology's content domains;
3) Demonstrate effective writing and presentation skills;
4) Practice ethical and social responsibility to evaluate psychological phenomena in a diverse world; and
5) Demonstrate teamwork and self-regulation capacities that support using psychological skills to sustain growth during college and beyond.