Spanish Major


Complete or place out of the following language courses (33 credits):

Major Requirements

Students who have previously taken Spanish must complete the Spanish placement test to determine entry level.

Students must take languages courses in ascending sequence; students may not take for credit a lower language course than one they have already completed. Students who choose to take a course at the College of Idaho that is lower than a transfer course from another institution forfeit the equivalent transfer credits.

At minimum one-third of coursework for the major must be completed at The College of Idaho.

Students who elect a major in Spanish are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one term of study abroad or to live in a community where Spanish is the dominant language. Prior to studying abroad, students should work with WLC faculty to determine appropriate transfer credit. Approved programs may transfer courses that appear on a transcript as if the student were in residence at the College. However, all students are required to complete at least one three-credit 300- or 400-level Spanish course from the College’s Spanish program in order to demonstrate competency in program learning outcomes.

Spanish Language & Culture Sequence (13 credits)


SPA-101Spanish Language & Culture I

3 credits

SPA-102Spanish Language & Culture II

3 credits

SPA-201Spanish Language and Culture III

3 credits

SPA-202Spanish Language and Culture IV

3 credits


SPA-235Spanish for Heritage Speakers

3 credits

SPA-200First Year Spanish Grammar Review



SPA-300Second Year Grammar Review

1 credit

Take one of the following (6 credits):

SPA-301Topics in Literature and Culture

3 credits

SPA-302Topics in Culture and Community

3 credits

SPA-312Immersion Experience in the Spanish-Speaking World

3-6 credits

Upper-division Spanish Electives (9 credits)

Complete at least 9 SPA credits numbered 401+. Students who place out of language credits will still be required to complete all 33 major credits. Additional credits may be earned from SPA-212, SPA-312, and courses numbered SPA-401+. Students who begin the Spanish Major with high language proficiency should speak with the Chair of WLC regarding possible electives.

Electives (4 credits)

Complete up to 4 elective credits. Elective courses may include SPA courses, HIS-230, HIS-378, HIS-381, HIS-382, HIS-385, HIS-386, HIS-387, HIS-388, HIS-389, or ATH-249. SPA elective courses must be in addition to other requirements.


SPA-490Spanish Major Capstone

1 credit

Immersion Experience

SPA-212Immersion Experience in the Spanish-Speaking World

3-6 credits

SPA-312Immersion Experience in the Spanish-Speaking World

3-6 credits

Other possible immersion experiences include: SPA internship; SPA faculty-led study abroad; SPA Service Learning; Study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country. See WLC Chair or SPA advisor, as alternative options may be available.


Upon successful completion of this major, students will be able to:


1) Demonstrate engagement with humanistic inquiry through the application of theory and methodology to languages, cultures, and cultural products of the Spanish-speaking world;
2) Provide evidence of their own artistic work and active engagement with the creative process, grounded in the study of Spanish language and cultures;
3) Demonstrate engagement with non-dominant cultures and cultural products in the Spanish-speaking world;
4) Demonstrate Advanced-Low oral and written proficiency in Spanish, aligned to ACTFL proficiency guidelines; and
5) Experience cultural and linguistic immersion in a Spanish-speaking community.