Alternative Credit

The College of Idaho welcomes highly motivated students and recognizes that many have earned college credit for courses completed prior to enrollment. At the same time, we value the participatory and rigorous nature of College of Idaho coursework. The College of Idaho accepts a combined total of up to 30 semester credits from the following categories of alternative credit: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Concurrent/Dual-enrollment (grade of C or better).

Alternative credits at The College of Idaho are defined as credits earned prior to the date of high school graduation. Alternative credits are not considered transfer credits. Although alternative credits may apply toward the 124 credits required for graduation, they do not count toward the 28 transfer credits that would allow a student to complete less than the full PEAK curriculum. Students entering C of I with alternative credits are considered first-time students. Students must initiate the acceptance of alternative credit with the Registrar's office. Credit toward program and/or graduation requirements will be determined on a course-by-course basis.

If a student has a conferred academic associate degree on their transcript from a regionally accredited institution that was earned during high school, we will accept all credits up to 70 semester credits.  The student will be treated like a first-year student in all other aspects.  They will be required to complete the full PEAK program, one major and three minors. If they have completed the equivalent of First-Year Seminar then they will be required to take the Transfer Seminar course.

International Baccalaureate

The College of Idaho has found International Baccalaureate (IB) students to be very successful during their tenure on campus. The College of Idaho appreciates the rigor and integrity of the IB curriculum. Therefore students who have completed the IB diploma with a minimum score of 28 will receive the following:

  • 30 units of credit toward graduation upon enrollment.
  • Preferred status for admission.
  • Enhanced opportunity for merit scholarships.

For those who earned the IB Diploma with scores lower than 28, College of Idaho credit will be awarded as follows:

IB Diploma Score/Points C of I Credits
27 25
26 20
25 15
24 10

Credit toward completion of Graduation Requirements will be determined on a course-by-course basis.

For those who have taken IB courses but have not earned the IB Diploma, credit will be determined on a course-by-course basis.

High school students who enroll in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program and take Advanced Placement courses during their high school years will receive college credit based only on their Diploma score. If an AP exam is taken in an academic area not offered through the IB Diploma program, students may receive college credit at the discretion of the Registrar.

Foreign Language Study: Concurrent and Transfer Credit

All students with previous foreign language study, a previous study-abroad residence, or other significant exposure to a foreign language must take a C of I-approved test to determine their proficiency level for initial placement into a language course.

Students who are admitted to The College of Idaho with concurrent credit or credit transferred from other regionally accredited colleges and universities will begin their language study according to their proficiency placement test, regardless of concurrent or transfer credit coursework transcript indicators. If a student feels the placement is incorrect the student may complete a verbal interview and direct writing assessment with a designated Department of World Languages, Literatures, & Cultures (WLC) instructor. The instructor will then analyze data from these sources to advise the student into the most appropriate course. If the initial placement results in the student retaking the same 100-level course(s), the student will receive credit only for the duplicate course(s) taken for credit at the C of I. If the initial placement results in the student retaking the same 200-level course(s) or above, the student will receive general elective 2XX, 3XX, or 4XX credit as appropriate for the concurrent or transfer coursework that duplicates courses consequently taken for credit at the C of I. In such cases, the general elective credits will apply toward the number of credits required for graduation, and may apply toward the WLC major or minor, but at least one-third of WLC major and minor coursework must be earned at the C of I.

Likewise, College of Idaho students who participate in a study-abroad program and place into a course that duplicates their C of I coursework shall receive general elective credits, but such repeat credits will not apply toward a language major or minor.

College Entrance Advanced Placement (AP)

High school graduates who receive scores of 3,4, or 5 on College Entrance Board Advanced Placement Examinations may be granted placement and college credit in the appropriate subjects. All scores of 3 will only yield general elective credits.  Typically, AP courses cannot be used to satisfy Graduation Requirements unless approved by the department in which those credits are to be granted. However, even departments that do not customarily accept AP courses to satisfy a graduation requirement will consider appeals from students.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams
AP Exam Title Minimum Score for Equivalent Course  Credit C of I Equivalent Course  C of I Credits Awarded
Art History N/A No credit given N/A
Art Studio: 2-D Design 4 ART-1XX: Art Elective  3
Art Studio: 3-D Design 4 ART-1XX: Art Elective  3
Art Studio: Drawing 4 ART-1XX: Art Elective  3
Biology 4 BIO-1XX: Biology Elective 3
  5 BIO-1XX or BIO-201/BIO-201L* 4
Calculus AB 4 MAT-1XX: Math Elective 3
Calculus BC 4 MAT-1XX: Math Elective 3
Calculus BC 5 MAT-1XX: Math Elective 4
Chemistry 4 CHE-1XX: Chemistry Elective 3
  5 CHE-1XX or CHE-141* 4
Chinese Language & Culture 4 CHI-1XX ** 3
Comparative Government & Politics 4 POE-1XX: Political Economy Elective 3
Computer Science A 4 CSC-1XX: Computer Science Elective 3
English Language & Composition 5 ENG-1XX: English Elective 3
English Literature & Composition 5 ENG-1XX: English Elective 3
Environmental Science 4 ENV-161+ENV-161L 4
European History 4 HIS-1XX: History Elective  3
French Language & Culture 4 FRE-1XX** 3
German Language & Culture 4 GER-1XX 3
Human Geography N/A No credit given N/A
Latin 4 MFL-1XX 3
Macroeconomics 4 POE-1XX: Political Economy Elective 3
Microeconomics 4 POE-1XX: Political Economy Elective 3
Music Theory 4 MUS-103: Music Theory I 3
Physics 1 & 2 (B): Algebra-Based 4 PHY-2XX 3
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 4 PHY-2XX 4
Physics C: Mechanics 4 PHY-2XX 4
Physics C: Mechanics 5 PHY-271 4
Psychology 4 PSY-100 3
Spanish Language 4 SPA-1XX** 3
Spanish Literature & Culture 4 SPA-1XX** 3
Statistics 4 MAT-1XX: Math Elective 3
United States Government & Politics 4 POE-1XX: Political Economy Elective 3
United States History 4 HIS-1XX: History Elective  3
World History 4 HIS-1XX: History Elective  3
*If a student can substantiate lab work completed, then the equivalent of CHE-141 or BIO-201/BIO-201L for 4 credits will be awarded with a score of 5, otherwise BIO-1XX for 3 credits will be awarded.
**Please contact the Department Chair to see if AP credits can be applied to Major or Minor requirements.