BUS-370 Social Entrepreneurship ENACTUS

This course aims to foster applied social entrepreneurial concepts and theories with hands-on application in both domestic and international settings. In coordination with the international student organization ENACTUS, students will work on various entrepreneurial projects using business tools to address a societal issue related to education, health care, poverty, gender equality, socioeconomic development, animal welfare, etc. The course also addresses how differences in culture, language, history and politics may effect the implementation of a project. Students will follow established policies and procedures to complete academically based projects, while making a real-world impact. Gues lectures, off-campus visits with social entrepreneurial organizations, and Skype discussions with fellow ENACTUS student teams will foster intercultural communication and networking opportunities. Corequisite: Students must be members of ENACTUS Prerequisite: BUS-100 and Instructor permission


3 credits




Student must be a member of ENACTUS