Anthropology / Sociology Minor


The Anthropology /Sociology minor enables students to understand culture and society as a mosaic of diverse, overlapping groups, memberships, values, and traditions, each contributing to a larger global matrix that is continuously being reformulated.

Minor Requirements (15 credits):

Of the 15 credits required, students must earn a minimum of 6 credits from Anthropology courses, and 6 credits from Sociology courses.  Courses with an "ATHSOC" prefix can be applied toward either of those minimum requirements.

Take the following courses:

ATH-101Cultural Anthropology

3 credits


SOC-100Introduction to Sociology

3 credits


ATH/SOC-Courses Approved by Anthropology Sociology Department and major advisor

12 credits


Upon successfully completing this minor, students will be able to:

1) Analyze a social or cultural problem utilizing established theories from anthropology or sociology;
2) Use standard anthropological or sociological methods as appropriate to demonstrate, test, or develop a particular anthropological or sociological theory; and
3) Articulate practical strategies for becoming informed, involved citizens who can adapt to culturally diverse populations and occupations.