Pre-Engineering Specialization

Pre-Engineering Specialization (24 Credits)

Successful engineering students must be simultaneously creative and practical. They can combine the principles learned in science and mathematics with the methods and techniques of engineering to develop theory, models, and applications. The Pre-Engineering Specialization is meant to develop a foundation preparing the student for further study and a career in engineering.


Required Courses


This specialization is intended only for students majoring in Mathematics-Physics or Mathematics.  Students pursuing this specialization from other majors need to complete the additional following courses, which are included in the Mathematics-Physics or Mathematics majors, as well as any prerequisites: CSC-150 Computer Science I: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (3 credits) and MAT-275 Multivariable Calculus (4 credits).

CHE-141General Chemistry I

3 credits

CHE-141LGeneral Chemistry Laboratory I

1 credit

MAT-352Differential Equations

3 credits

MAT-361Linear Algebra

3 credits

PHY-170Engineering Analysis

2 credits


3 credits

PHY-235LElectronics Laboratory

1 credit


3 credits

PHY-272Analytical Physics II

4 credits

PHY-272LAnalytical Physics II Lab

1 credit

Students who plan to pursue engineering degrees with our dual- degree partner institutions (Washington University and Columbia University) should note that additional course and GPA requirements may apply. Please consult with physics faculty for additional details.

Total Credit Hours: 24