Music Minor


15-16 credits

Minor Requirements

Complete one of the following Literature Foundations:

MUS-111Introduction to Music Literature

3 credits

MUS-311Music History I

3 credits

MUS-312Music History II

3 credits

Complete one of the following Theory Foundations Courses (2-3 credits):

MUS-100Music Fundamentals

2 credits

MUS-101Introduction to Music Theory and Sound Studies

3 credits

MUS-100: recommended for those with little or no music reading skills

MUS-101: recommended for fluent readers of music

Complete one of the following Diverse Voices courses:

MUS-112Introduction to World Music

3 credits

MUS-113Music of Love, Death and All the Rest

3 credits

MUS-208Music, Gender, and Sexuality

3 credits

MUS-213History of Popular Music: Rebellion, Bling, and Authenticity

3 credits

Complete 6 elective credits in music courses.


3 credits performance-based classes (applied lessons (MUSAP) or ensembles (MUS-121 through MUS-129). 
3 credits other MUS courses (not applied lesson or ensemble).

***A maximum of 3 performance classes (lessons and ensembles combined) will be counted towards the minor.

Concert/Recital Attendance

MUS-001Concert/Recital Attendance

0 credits

Two semesters of MUS-001 are required.


Upon successful completion of this minor, students will be able to:

1) Fluently read musical notation;
2) Identify and describe the performance of cultural values in a diverse variety of musics;
3) Perform and create as a soloist or in an ensemble, and analyze and reflect on these performances; and
4) Analyze, evaluate, and critique live and recorded performances.