Part-Time Enrollment (Charges per Credit)

Students who have received an undergraduate degree or are 25 or older may enroll for classes at a reduced rate of $685 per credit. This reduced rate does not apply to independent study, internships, music lessons, practice teaching, or other classes where individual attention is the primary means of instruction.

Additionally, Students who have earned an undergraduate degree and are returning to school to pursue a second degree will enroll at a reduced rate of $685 per credit.  These students must be enrolled at the minimum full-time credit load (12 credits) per semester.


Internships, Independent Study, or other classes taken during the summer, will be billed at $469 per credit.

For information regarding the option to audit or take a course non-credit please refer to the Auditing and Non-Credit Instruction section in the catalog.

Part-time Tuition (Credit or Non-credit)
Status Per Unit
Under age 25, no undergraduate degree $1,370
Age 25 or older, or undergraduate degree $685
Any age with undergraduate degree $685
Academic Service Fee (per semester) $25
 Health Fee (per semester) $25