HHP-410 Exercise Metabolism

The aim of this course is for students to learn the underlying cellular and metabolic mechanisms and to understand how these mechanisms apply to exercise, health, and disease. The main mechanisms and concepts to be addressed relate to 1) cellular physiology, 2) bio-energetics, 3)carbohydrates, fats, and protein biological roles, 4) fluid balance, and 5) reactive oxygen species and antioxidants. Particular emphasis is placed on the logic controlling metabolism and understanding the relationship of metabolism to performance, health, and disease or disease risk. Students will contribute to both the teaching of the course and choosing of the content relating to the course. Metabolic and nutritional aspects of exercise will be examined from the following perspective: acute effects of exercise, adaptations to exercise, health impact of both sedentary and active lifestyles, and impact of nutrition availability. Prerequisites: BIO-225, BIO-225L, HHP-343, HHP-343L, MAT-125 or MAT-212.


3 credits