Incomplete Grades

The grade of I (Incomplete) may be assigned when a student has met all of the following conditions:

  • The student has attended class through the final withdrawal date in accordance with the course attendance policy. The last date of attendance should occur after the withdraw deadline.
  • The student has completed the majority of possible coursework at the point in time and are in good standing having earned C- or better.
  • When the instructor believes the student’s inability to complete the course is due to legitimate causes beyond the student’s reasonable control (such as an illness or traumatic event occurring after the final withdrawal date).

The instructor and student must submit an Incomplete Grade Contract to the Registrar’s Office before the last day of finals in the semester which the student is registered for the course. Final approval for the incomplete is at the discretion of the Registrar providing that the student meets the conditions listed above.

All work for the course must be completed and a final grade must be submitted to the Registrar by the Faculty Member by the end of the next semester (last day of finals) (Fall or Spring), or the grade of “F” will be recorded. Instructors may establish earlier deadlines.

By petition and with the permission of the instructor of record, the Registrar may extend the time for completion in cases of hardship on a case by case basis.