Pass-Fail Option

At any time before the posted last day to elect pass/fail or withdraw from a class, a student may elect to take a course on a Pass-Fail basis by filing a form with the Registrar. The choice is, as of the limiting dates noted, irrevocable. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates each semester.


  • No more than one course per semester may be taken Pass-Fail.
  • No more than 18 credits of P may be counted toward graduation. (This does not apply to courses where P is the only mark given and the student has no option.)
  • Courses to be counted toward a major, minor, concentration, or a graduation requirement may not be taken Pass-Fail without written approval from department chair or minor supervisor.

Note: Since the grade of P indicates any assigned grade of D- or above, students should be aware that some post-graduate institutions may discount records with this grade.

In some programs, including some study -away programs only Pass-Fail grades may be recorded for earned credit. These courses, in which students have no option for letter grades, may be exempt from the limitations listed above. Students must request a waiver of limitation with the Registrar's Office at the time they file the application for overseas study. The student must also file an academic petition for the waiver.


***Exception to Pass/Fail Policy for Spring 2020 only due to COVID-19

The limit on the number of P/F courses taken per semester (1) will be suspended for the spring 2020 semester, enabling students to designate any or all of their courses for that term as P/F.
The limitation on the number of P/F credits counted toward graduation (18) will be amended so that no limit exists during the spring 2020 term, and any such credits earned in the spring 2020 semester will not count against a student’s overall limit at the College.
The restriction on P/F grades counting toward majors, minors, or other graduation requirements will be suspended for the spring 2020 semester so that all P grades will count without the need of written approval.
Prerequisite requirements based on letter grades will be suspended and P grades earned in the spring 2020 semester will be allowed to demonstrate readiness. 
The deadline for faculty members to upload all grades will be noon on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.
The deadline for students to request P/F grading will be noon on Friday, May 29, 2020.