Student Standings

Students' progress according to the SAP Standards is measured at the end of every semester in order to determine eligibility for future semesters. Students can be in one of following SAP status categories:

Dean's List

To receive "Dean's List" recognition, a student must complete at least nine or more graded credits (excluding grades of P and S) in a given semester and achieve a GPA of 3.75 or higher for that semester. "Dean's List" recognition is given only for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Good Status

Students are in good academic standing if they:

  • maintain a 2.00 semester and cumulative GPA;
  • complete the minimum number of credits for each academic year (based on Federal Financial Aid completion guidelines); and, 
  • complete all degree requirements within a specified time-frame.

Warning Status

Students not in good status for the first time will be placed on "Warning" and will receive a letter and/or an e-mail (to The College of Idaho e-mail account). A student may continue to receive financial assistance during the "Warning" period. Students on "Warning" are encouraged to work with their advisor and to use the counseling, tutoring, testing, and other services available on campus to assist them with improving their academic standing:

  • Be removed from "Warning" and placed in "Good" status if both the cumulative GPA and cumulative completion rate standards are met;


  • Be placed on "Suspension" and suspended from receiving financial assistance from federal, state, and institutional sources.