French Foundations Minor


15 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)

Minor Requirements

Complete 15 credits from the following:

FRE-101French Language and Culture I

4 credits

FRE-101REVFrench Grammar and Phonetics Review

1 credit

FRE-102French Language and Culture II

4 credits

FRE-201French Language and Culture III

3 credits

FRE-202French Language and Culture IV

3 credits

FRE-299Intermediate Readings in French

1-3 credits

FRE-301French Composition, Language, and Culture

3 credits

FRE-302French Conversation, Language, and Culture

3 credits

FRE-333French and Francophone Literature

3 credits

Students must take languages courses in ascending sequence; students may not take for credit a lower language course than one they have already completed. Students who choose to take a course at the College of Idaho that is lower than a transfer course from another institution forfeit the equivalent transfer credits.

At minimum one-third of coursework for the minor must be completed at The College of Idaho.

Students may elect to minor in French (Humanities & Fine Arts PEAK) or in French Foundations (Professional Studies & Enhancements PEAK), but not both.