Political Economy Major


35 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)

Major Requirements

Introductory Core

POE-100Essentials of American Government

3 credits


POE-241Introduction to Public Policy

3 credits


POE-120International Politics

3 credits

POE-250Introduction to Political Philosophy

3 credits

POE-263Introduction to Political Economy

3 credits

POE-299Evidence, Proof, and Knowledge

3 credits

Additional Requirements

POE-498Senior Seminar: Political Economy

3 credits

POE ELEC -Political Economy elective credits

17 credits

Students who plan to enter graduate school or law school are encouraged to write a senior thesis. The thesis topic, definition of terms, method of analysis and bibliography must be carefully planned and approved by the Department at the conclusion of the junior year and successful completion of POE-299. During the senior year, students writing a thesis will enroll in POE-480, which partially fulfills the 400-level seminar requirement.