International Students

International students must submit the following materials to the Admission Office, The College of Idaho, 2112 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell, Idaho 83605:

  • An application for admission.
  • An official high school transcript that includes all work from the 9th grade to the date of application (see note on official transcripts below). Upon graduation, a final transcript must be submitted. GED scores may be presented in lieu of an official high school record provided the average score is 500 with no sub-score below 450.
  • Transcripts of any college work attempted.

Note on official transcripts: Transcripts are official only when mailed directly from or delivered in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution to the Admission Office. If a student has taken college coursework, the College requires that transcripts be evaluated by WES-World Education Services ( or another approved credential evaluation service.

  • Guidance counselor and/or teacher evaluations.
  • A short essay/personal statement on one of the essay topics in the application.

International applicants are also required to submit one of the following official test scores:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) for non-native English speakers: minimum paper-based score of 550, minimum computer-based score of 213, and minimum iBT score of 79*
  • ACT or SAT exam scores**
  • Applicants have the option of becoming a test-optional candidate and not submitting their ACT of SAT test scores for admission and financial aid purposes.  In lieu of ACT or SAT test scores applicants electing to be test-optional will be required to answer additional essay prompts that will be sent to the applicant once an applicant indicates they are electing to be test optional on their application.  Once a student chooses to be either test optional or to apply under traditional methods they may not switch their decision.  
  • An IELTS language proficiency score of 5.5 or higher (

*Similar English proficiency tests may also be accepted if deemed appropriate by the Admission Committee. Students who fail to meet the English language requirement may enroll in an ESL language center at another institution. Proficiency certification of ESL meets the English language requirement for admission.

**The College of Idaho will accept ACT/SAT test scores as official if they meet the criteria outlined in the First-year Student section.

Students must provide evidence of adequate financial resources by submitting a Verification of Finances Form with supporting information from their bank or an International Student Financial Aid Form offered through the College Board.

Given the amount of time it may take to secure a student visa, international students are encouraged to apply as early as possible and will only be considered for entrance during The College of Idaho Fall semester except at the discretion of the Vice President for Enrollment Management.

As a concluding part of the application process, international students should schedule a phone or Skype interview with their admission counselor. If the student is attending a high school in the United States, a face-to-face interview would be preferable. International applicants are encouraged to visit the College website at for additional information regarding programs, student life, and other aspects of an international student's experience at The College of Idaho. Applications can be downloaded from the site or requested by mail or email. For more information, please contact the Vice President for Enrollment Management at