Alternative Credit

The College of Idaho welcomes highly motivated students and recognizes that many have earned college credit for courses completed prior to enrollment. At the same time, we value the participatory and rigorous nature of College of Idaho coursework. The College of Idaho accepts a combined total of up to 30 semester credits from the following categories of alternative credit: Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Concurrent/Dual-enrollment (grade of C or better).

Alternative credits at The College of Idaho are defined as credits earned prior to the date of high school graduation. Alternative credits are not considered transfer credits. Although alternative credits may apply toward the 124 credits required for graduation, they do not count toward the 28 transfer credits that would allow a student to complete less than the full PEAK curriculum. Students entering C of I with alternative credits are considered first-time students. Students must initiate the acceptance of alternative credit with the Registrar's office. Credit toward program and/or graduation requirements will be determined on a course-by-course basis.