ART-320 Advanced Studio Projects

This advanced studio art course emphasizes the development of skills to create a substantial body of work that demonstrates technical competence, understanding of the chosen medium, effective composition, stylistic and thematic unity, conceptual sophistication and an understanding of how the work relates to art historical traditions. Students may choose to explore in-depth ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, printmaking, or mixed media. Course will also include bi-weekly class critiques of student artwork, assigned readings, discussion of work of major artists, and written self-assessments. Before enrolling in this class, students must complete a basic studio course in their project's medium. Course may be repeated twice with a different project or medium. *Extra fees apply in most studio art courses. Prerequisties: ART-130 or ART-132 and either ART-100, 101, 103, 125, 230, 302, or 315.


3 credits