IND-305.1 Winter Wilderness Experience

The Winter Wilderness Experience (WWE), an off-campus program based in the Sawtooth Mountains of Stanley, Idaho, is an interdisciplinary and experiential program in the study of place. Primary instruction focuses on environmental literature, creative writing, wilderness studies (literary, historical, and philosophical), and outdoor skills (backcountry skiing, avalanche safety, and snow camping). Secondary emphases of WWE include winter ecology, public land policy, cultural geography, and leadership and group management skills. Students take a 2-credit preparatory course during the fall term before the 4-credit winter course. As determined by the instructors in consultation with each student, 3 of the 6 WWE credits can fulfill the ENG 299T requirement within the Literature in English major/minor, the ENG 220 requirement within the Creative Writing major/minor, or the 3-credit social science requirement within the Environmental Studies major/minor. In addition, 2 credits can go toward Leadership and 1 credit can go toward P.E. Student admission to WWE is determined by formal applications as well as personal interviews. Prerequisites: Instructor permission


2 credits