The burden of proof of student academic dishonesty or misconduct lies with the professor; the imposition of penalties is also the responsibility of the professor. Professors have the discretion to require that the student repeat the assignment or exam, or may give a failing grade for the assignment, exam, or course, or may otherwise deal with the academic dishonesty in a manner he or she determines to be appropriate. Before determining an appropriate disposition of the situation the faculty member is encouraged to consult with the Vice President for Academic Affairs to see if there are other instances of academic dishonesty by the student on file in the Vice President's records.

A brief report of the incident and penalty imposed will be filed with the professor's department chair and the student's advisor. A copy will also be placed in a file in the Vice President for Student Affair's office, separate from the student's academic file.

In any instance the student has the right to appeal the professor's accusation and penalty, first to the department chair, then to the division chair, and then to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

In the case of repeated or more serious violations of academic honesty, the professor or department chair may recommend to the Dean of Students and the Vice President for Academic Affairs that the student either be placed on academic probation, or be suspended or expelled from the College. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Dean of Students will hear and determine the charges and the course of action.