Grades and Transcripts

Grade Reports

Midterm and final grades are made available to students through their WebAdvisor accounts. No paper grade reports are distributed or mailed unless specifically requested by students. Copies of grades are sent to parents only if authorized by the student. Students having questions or needing assistance should contact the Registrar's Office.

Transcripts of Record

Official transcripts of record are ordered through the Registrar's Office. Transcripts are released only when financial obligations to the College have been met. As stated on each transcript, federal law requires that release of such records be authorized personally by the student. No third party may legally have access to that record without the student's written consent. Official Transcript Request forms are located online on the Registrar's page or can be accessed through WebAdvisor.

Repeating Courses

Upon notifying the Registrar and with the permission of the instructor, a student who has earned grades of C-, D, or F in a course may repeat the course for the purpose of mastery of the subject. All grades are entered on the student's permanent record, but only the last grade is used in calculating the grade-point average. Only one enrollment is used in computing the total number of credits. Such repeated courses count in the calculation of the student's load for Veterans' benefits only if the original grade was F, or if a grade higher than C- is required for graduation. If the repeated course is to be taken other than in residence at The College of Idaho, permission must be granted by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee) in accordance with limitations on credit listed under Graduation Requirements.


Individuals or groups of students always have the privilege of petition. Academic petitions should be addressed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee. Other petitions should be directed to the appropriate administration officer. Academic petition forms can be obtained from the Registrar's Office. Only completed, timely petitions will be reviewed. A student's negligence regarding policies and deadlines stated in the Catalog or other official documents typically do not merit petition approval.


The following charts indicate the meaning of the grades assigned and the number of quality points given per credit for each grade. Students who fail to register or enroll officially are not assigned grades or given credit for a course.

Grades used in the grade point average calculation
Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor Failure
A 4.00 B+ 3.30 C+ 2.30 C- 1.70 F 0.00
A- 3.70 B 3.00 C 2.00 D+ 1.30    

  B- 2.70     D 1.00    

          D- 0.70    
Grades not used in the grade point average calculation
Passing (P) Incomplete (I) In-Progress (L) Withdrawal (W) Administrative Withdrawal (WA) Audit (AU)
Passing with credit given. May be elected by students in some instances under the Pass-Fail option. Incomplete - refer to Incomplete policy. Work in progress not expected to be completed in one term. Clear withdraw from course(s). Withdrawal initiated by Faculty or Administration. Audit of coursework.