Pass-Fail Option

At any time before the posted last day to elect pass/fail or withdraw from a class, a student may elect to take a course on a Pass-Fail basis by filing a form with the Registrar. The choice is, as of the limiting dates noted, irrevocable. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates each semester.


  • No more than one course per semester may be taken Pass-Fail.
  • No more than 18 credits of P may be counted toward graduation. (This does not apply to courses where P is the only mark given and the student has no option.)
  • Courses to be counted toward a major, minor, concentration, or a graduation requirement may not be taken Pass-Fail.

Note: Since the grade of P indicates any assigned grade of D- or above, students should be aware that some post-graduate institutions may discount records with this grade.

In some programs, including some study -away programs only Pass-Fail grades may be recorded for earned credit. These courses, in which students have no option for letter grades, may be exempt from the limitations listed above. Students must request a waiver of limitation with the Registrar's Office at the time they file the application for overseas study. The student must also file an academic petition for the waiver.