Chemistry Minor


The central science of chemistry is at the intersection of biology, physics, and mathematics. Thus, an understanding and appreciation of its precepts, practices, and limitations is germane to all sciences and is a vital component of the liberal arts curriculum. The quantitative nature of chemistry necessitates an ability to gain and apply mathematical tools. Students are assumed to be proficient in algebra and are expected to complete a minimum of one mathematics course, excluding MAT-105 and MAT-221.

19 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)

Minor Requirements

CHE-141General Chemistry I

4 credits

CHE-142General Chemistry II

4 credits

CHE-252Analytical Chemistry I

3 credits

CHE-252LAnalytical Chemistry I Lab

1 credit

CHE-301Organic Chemistry I

3 credits

CHE-301LOrganic Chemistry I Lab

1 credit

MAT-MAT Complete one Math course numbered 125 or above (excluding MAT-221)

3-4 credits

Students may elect to minor in Chemistry (Natural Sciences and Mathematics PEAK) or in Analytical Chemistry (Professional Studies and Enhancements PEAK), but not both. Chemistry majors may not minor in either Chemistry or Analytical Chemistry.