Computer Studies Minor


The study of computing requires a creative imagination and develops analytical and problem-solving skills that are applicable in a wide range of academic and professional careers. The Computer Studies minor provides students with the academic background necessary to understand the applications of computing and information theory in solving scientific problems, both everyday and professional. It also builds familiarity with concepts and technologies of computer science that have become an integral part of virtually every profession. In keeping with the interdisciplinary spirit of the field, minors in Computer Studies complete coursework in the natural sciences and mathematics. Students should recognize that an ability to acquire and use mathematical tools is an assumed part of this minor.

The Computer Studies minor is an excellent complement to majors not always thought of as allied to computer science such as political economy, business, or psychology, since these are increasingly concerned with very large sets of data.

18-20 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)

Minor Requirements

MAT-150Applied Calculus: a Modeling Approach

4 credits


MAT-175Single Variable Calculus

4 credits


CSC-150Computer Science I: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

4 credits

CSC-152Computer Science II: Data Structures

4 credits

CSC-270Applied Databases

3 credits

Complete one approved laboratory course from one of the following sciences: (3-5)



GEO -Geoscience

PHY- Physics

ENV- Environmental Studies

Approved laboratory courses include BIO-159, BIO-201, BIO-202, BIO-210, CHE-141, CHE-142, ENV-160, GEO-101, PHY-231, PHY-232, PHY-271, and PHY-272

Students who wish to enhance their understanding of the foundations of computer science or to prepare for careers more closely related to the field should consider the following additional courses:

CSC-340Design and Analysis of Algorithms

3 credits

MAT-212Multiple Regression Analysis

3 credits

MAT-252Discrete Mathematics

3 credits

MAT-361Linear Algebra

3 credits

Students may elect to minor in Computer Studies (Natural Sciences and Mathematics PEAK) or in Computer Science (Professional Studies and Enhancements PEAK) but not both.

Mathematics-Computer Science majors may not minor in either Computer Studies or Computer Science.