BIO-159 Cellular Basis of Human Physiology

This is the first course in the core curriculum for Human Performance, Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences majors. The course will prepare students for the Human Anatomy and Physiology sequence (BIO 224-225). Course topics will cover fundamental concepts including biomolecule structure and function, energy metabolism (cellular respiration), structure and function of cells and interaction between cells. Not intended for Biology majors or Health Science majors who plan to enter graduate programs requiring Cell Biology or Biochemistry (e.g. Physician, Physician's Assistant or Pharmacy). Such students should enroll in BIO-201 and (BIO-201L or BIO-210L) and BIO-202 and BIO-202L. Corequisites: BIO-159L


3 credits


BIO-159L is the corequisite for BIO-159.