HHP-411 Cardiopulmonary Physiology

This course emphasizes basic normal physiological mechanisms during rest and with reference to physical work and exercise. The focus of the course is on the mechanisms that affect the heart, systemic circulation, kidney, acid base, thermoregulation, blood vessels, internal and external respiration and the biochemistry of the cardiopulmonary system. In addition, we will discuss the mechanisms involved in physiological adaptations during stress and exertion in apparently healthy populations. Real life cases will be used to provide plausible and reasonable explanations and solutions. Prerequisites: BIO-201 or BIO-210, BIO-202, CHE-142, HHP-343, and MAT-111 or higher. MAT-125 or MAT-212 is preferred.


3 credits


BIO-201, BIO-202, CHE-142, HHP-343 and MAT-111 or higher must be completed prior to registering for this course. Note that MAT-125 or higher is preferred.