Pace to Completion

To ensure federal compliance, students who enroll in a degree seeking program and have earned 124* credits or more, including transfer and regular credits, should be on an academic plan or Applying for Graduation, at which time a Credit Evaluation will be completed.

*For undergraduate students, to reach 124 credits, enrollment will be approximately 16 credits each Fall and Spring semesters for 4 years.

  • If the remaining credits needed to complete the bachelor's degree plus the credits already attempted will cause the student to exceed the 186 maximum allowable attempted credits, the student will be required to complete a petition.
  • Students are no longer eligible for financial assistance once they have received 186 undergraduate credits during their academic career or after they have graduated.
  • The exception to this is the fifth-year internship program through the education department, which occurs after a student graduates.
Number of Credits Successfully Completed Completion Rate Required
0-28 completed undergraduate credits 70% completion rate
29-60 completed undergraduate credits 75% completion rate
61 or more completed undergraduate credits 80% completion rate

Example 1: A first-year student is enrolled for 12 credits during the Fall semester and successfully completes 9 of those credits. To calculate the completion rate, 9 credits divided by 12 credits attempted equals 75%. This student is making satisfactory progress.

Example 2: A student is enrolled in 12 credits during the Fall semester and successfully completes 6 credits (a 50% completion rate). This student would be placed on "Warning" for the Spring semester. During the Spring semester the student attempts 15 credits and completes 12 credits. The student's completed percentage at the end of the Spring semester (18/27) is 66%. The student is placed on "Suspension."

Failure to Make Satisfactory
Academic Progress
Failure After "Warning" Semester Failure During “Probationary” Status
Student is granted one semester of aid
eligibility on "Warning" status. No appeal is necessary, but the student should meet with his/her advisor to assure success for future semesters.
Student may appeal by submitting:
1. Completed Appeal Form.
2. An academic plan for success created by the student and advisor
3. Supporting documentation as to any extenuating circumstances.
Student is ineligible for further aid until he/she can regain SAP eligibility without aid, or submit an additional appeal.