Graduation Requirements

The College of Idaho offers majors and minors in four areas referred to as PEAKs: Humanities & Fine Arts, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Social Sciences & History, Professional Studies & Enhancements. Each C of I major or minor satisfies the requirements of at least one PEAK. In order to earn the B.A. or B.S. degree, students must complete 124 credits and a combination of majors and minors covering all four PEAKs. All students must complete at least one major. In most cases, students will complete a major and three minors, with one program in each PEAK. Some interdisciplinary programs satisfy the requirements of different PEAKs and some include coverage of multiple PEAKs. The responsibility rests with students to see that their programs of study satisfy all the requirements for graduation listed in the catalog. Advisors and other members of the faculty and staff will assist in any way possible.