Spanish Minor


Complete or place out of the following language courses (16 credits):

Minor Requirements

Complete 13 credits from the following:

SPA-101     Spanish Language and Culture I                                      3 credits 
SPA-102     Spanish Language and Culture II                                    3 credits 
SPA-201     Spanish Language and Culture III                                   3 credits 

SPA-202     Spanish Language and Culture IV                                   3 credits 
SPA-235     Spanish for Heritage Speakers                                         3 credits 

SPA-300     Second Year Grammar Review                                        1 credit 

Complete 3 credits from the following: 

SPA-307     Literature of the Caribbean, North and Central America         3 credits 

SPA-308     Peninsular and Latin American Literature                     3 credits

Students who place out of language credits will still be required to complete all 16 credits of the Spanish minor. Depending on where the student places in Spanish, the student will be required to take an additional 3 credits from the courses below: 
SPA-305     Professions and Practices in the Spanish-Speaking World  3 credits 
SPA-306     Cultures and Polemics of the Spanish-Speaking World    3 credits 
SPA-307     Literature of the Caribbean, North and Central America  3 credits 
SPA-308     Peninsular and Latin American Literature                      3 credits 

The remaining credits must be from SPA-101REV, SPA-210, SPA-299, and/or SPA-310+. 

Students who have previously taken Spanish must complete the Modern Foreign Language placement test to determine entry level.

Students must take languages courses in ascending sequence; students may not take for credit a lower language course than one they have already completed. Students who choose to take a course at the College of Idaho that is lower than a transfer course from another institution forfeit the equivalent transfer credits.

At minimum one-third of coursework for the major must be completed at The College of Idaho.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one term of study abroad or to live in a community where Spanish is the dominant language.

Students may elect to minor in Spanish (Humanities & Fine Arts PEAK) or in Spanish Foundations (Professional Studies & Enhancements PEAK), but not both. Spanish majors may not minor in either Spanish or Spanish Foundations.

Students who wish to teach Spanish at the secondary level should consult with the Education Department for specific certification requirements.