Philosophy Minor


15 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)

Minor Requirements

PHI-150Critical Reasoning

3 credits


PHI-214Introduction to Logic

3 credits


PHI Upper Division-Upper Division (300- or 400-level) Philosophy Courses

6 credits

Complete 6 credits from the following:

PHI-Any PHI course

3 credits

POE-250Introduction to Political Philosophy

3 credits

POE-255Introduction to Political Philosophy Through Plato

3 credits

POE-350Topics in Political Philsophy

3 credits

SPE-310Topics in the Philosophy of Communication

3 credits

Completion of this minor requires submission of one thesis-driven research paper which investigates a question at the intersection of philosophy and the student's major. Students are encouraged to write this paper as part of one of their philosophy courses. They may also write it as part of a one-credit independent study course.