BUS-457 Social Entrepreneurship Experience: Idaho to International

This course will examine the cultural, societal, and business impact of social entrepreneurship in international locations. The learning outcomes include increased cultural awareness and team-building and leveraging of entrepreneurial skills through collaboration with local student teams of Enactus members Students will also develop critical understanding of the viability, sustainability, and legacy of social enterprise projects in varied cultural and business contexts. The study tour will be offered every May to destinations alternating between developed and developing countries. Students and faculty will also participate in research presentations, meet with local social innovators and business organizations, and experience firsthand many of the topics covered in the spring Social Entrepreneurship/ENACTUS course. Application to the program is competitive. Students who have extensive and meaningful contribution to Enactus will be given priority in selection for the trip; all students will be expected to have completed at least one course in business (typically BUS100) as well as the BUS399T/BUS3xx Social Entrepreneurship/ENACTUS course prior to departure. Prerequisites: BUS-370 and Instructor Permission Corequisite: Students must be continuing members of ENACTUS.


3 credits


BUS-370 Social Entrepreneurship / ENACTUS


Students must be continuing members of ENACTUS.