IND-320.2 Scotland and the Lake District

The Scotland and Lake District trip is an interdisciplinary study of place and culture through the lenses of music, literature, and art. The three-week program in May will emphasize cultural, national, and geographical comparisons among three distinct regions of northern Britain: the Lake District of northwest England, the Lowlands of southern Scotland, and the Highlands and islands of northern Scotland. Generally, students may apply no more than three credits from IND-320.1 and IND-320.2 towards these majors or minors: Music minor, Art major, Art History minor, Literature in English minor, Literature in English major, or the British Studies minor. In the case of Literature in English, these three credits constitute the equivalent work load and credit as an ENG 200-level Introduction to Literary Studies course. Prerequisites: IND-320.1 and Instructor permission


4 credits


IND-320.1 must be completed prior to registering for this course.