PEAK Majors

Some of these majors satisfy multiple PEAK requirements. Others satisfy one PEAK or another depending upon the chosen courses and emphasis as outlined in the catalog description of the program. These interdisciplinary majors are indicated by an acronym that follows the title and indicates which additional PEAK is connected:

HFA = Humanities & Fine Arts

SSH = Social Science & History

NSM = Natural Sciences & Mathematics

PSE = Professional Studies & Enhancements.

Humanities & Fine Arts Social Science & History
Art Anthropology / Sociology
Creative Writing Environmental Studies and HFA and NSM
Environmental Studies and SSH and NSM History
Literature in English Interdisciplinary Studies for Elementary Precertification and NSM and PSE
Marketing and Digital Media and PSE International Political Economy
Political Economy
Music Education (Precertification) Psychology
Music Performance and PSE
Religious Studies

Natural Sciences & Mathematics Professional Studies & Enhancements
Biology Accounting 150 Hours
Chemistry Business Administration
Environmental Studies and HFA and SSH Interdisciplinary Studies for Elementary Precertification and SSH and NSM
Exercise Physiology Marketing and Digital Media and HFA
Health Sciences Mathematics - Computer Science and NSM
Human Performance Music Performance and HFA
Interdisciplinary Studies for Elementary Precertification and SSH and PSE
Mathematics - Computer Science and PSE
Mathematics - Physics