Music Education (Precertification)

Music Education (Precertificaiton)

The music education (precertification) major must be combined with the Education minor.

Theory Core (15 credits)

MUS-101Introduction to Music Theory and Sound Studies

3 credits

MUS-101LAural Skills

1 credit

MUS-200Diatonic Harmony through Counterpoint

3 credits

MUS-201Seminar in Chromatic Harmony

3 credits

MUS-20220th-Century Styles

3 credits

MUS-275Aural Skills for Music Educators

2 credits

History Core (6 credits)

MUS-311Music History I

3 credits

MUS-312Music History II

3 credits

Capstone Sequence (5 credits)

MUS-425Musical Form and Analysis

2 credits

MUS-498Music Capstone

3 Credits

Professional, Performance, and Pedagogy Skills (24 credits)

Take 24 credits from the following courses:

 Vocal Choral Track Instrumental Track 
 Applied Lessons (4 credits)  Applied Lessons (5 credits)
 Ensembles (6 semesters/credits)  Ensembles (7 semesters/credits)
 Keyboard Skills (1 credit)  Keyboard Skills (1 credit)
 MUS-231 Piano Proficiency (0 credits) MUS-231 Piano Proficiency (0 credits) 
 MUS-238 and MUS-239 (2 credits)  MUS-443 or MUS-445 (1 credit)
 MUS-341 and MUS-342 (4 credits)  MUS-341 and MUS-342 (4 credits)
 MUS-345 (2 credits)  MUS-345 (2 credits)
 MUS-442 (3 credits)  MUS-442 (3 credits)
 MUS-444 (1 credit)  MUS-490 or MUS-497 (1 credit)
 MUS-490 or MUS-497 (1 credit)  

Total Credit Hours: 50