Music Performance Major (53 credits)

Music is a popular major and minor under the College's PEAK curriculum. Our focus is helping students succeed in today's musical environment through a distinctive liberal arts education that includes a solid foundation in practical performance and ensemble skills, combined with a comprehensive understanding of music theory and history. C of I offers majors in music performance, music education (precertification), and general music, as well as a minor in music. The music performance major prepares students for graduate study and performance careers. Emphases within the music performance major include voice, strings, instrumental, or theory/composition. Students in the music education major coordinate with the Education Department to create a course of study that prepares them to be educators. The general music major provides a grounding of music theory and history supplemented with coursework that contextualizes music within the liberal arts.

Theory Core (13 credits)

MUS-101Introduction to Music Theory and Sound Studies

3 credits

MUS-101LAural Skills

1 credit

MUS-200Diatonic Harmony through Counterpoint

3 credits

MUS-201Seminar in Chromatic Harmony

3 credits

MUS-20220th-Century Styles

3 credits

History Core (9 credits)

MUS-112Introduction to World Music

3 credits

MUS-311Music History I

3 credits

MUS-312Music History II

3 credits

Music Electives (6 Credits)


Any MUS course 200-level or higher. ***MUSAP and ensembles do not fit this criterion.*** 

Music Theory/Composition track should complete MUS-301 and MUS-350.

Vocal performance track should complete MUS-215, MUS-238, MUS-239, and MUS-333.

String performance track should complete MUS-337 and MUS-443.

Instrumental track should complete MUS-350.

Capstone Sequence (6 credits)

IND-215Professional Development in Visual and Performing Arts

1 credit

MUS-425Musical Form and Analysis

2 credits

MUS-498Music Capstone

3 Credits

Professional and Performance Skills (19 credits)

MUS-341 (2 credits) 

Applied Lessons (4 credits: 8 semesters)

Ensembles (8 credits)

Keyboard Skills (1 credit)

MUS-231 (0 credits) 

MUS-220 (1 credit)

MUS-355 (1 credit) 

MUS-490 (1 credit)

MUS-497 (1 credit)

MUS-001 (0 credit: 8 semesters)