GEO-410 Geomorphology

This course investigates the interactions between surface processes and landforms at a variety of temporal and spatial scales. A systems approach is used to investigate how endogenic processes (originating within the earth) and exogenic processes (occurring at the earth atmosphere ocean interface) interact to create landforms. Topics cover geomorphological theories, weathering, slope processes, soil erosion, fluvial and glacial processes and landforms, mountain building, rates of landscape change, and megafloods. Highlighted applications focus on interactions of landform processes and human activity (directly through land-use change and indirectly through climate change) and the role of geomorphic process studies in environmental planning. Corequisites: GEO-410L Prerequisites: GEO-101, GEO-320 or GEO-310


3 credits


GEO-101, GEO-320 OR GEO-310 must be completed prior to registering for this course.


GEO-410L must be taken concurrently with this course.