MAT-175 Single Variable Calculus

This calculus course studies the theory of differentiation and integration of functions of one variable. Main topics include functions, limits, differentiation, and integration. Topics may include continuity, Riemann sums, the fundamental theorem of calculus, techniques of integration, improper integrals, L'Hopital's rule, geometric series, power series, and Taylor series. This is a more mathematically rigorous course than MAT-150. Students planning further work in mathematics or physics and who have successfully completed a previous calculus course are encouraged to take MAT-175. Prerequisites: MAT-150'>MAT-150.with a B- or better, or MAT-150'>MAT-150.and MAT-130, each with a grade of C or better, or placement according to the Math placement guide.


4 credits


MAT-150 with a minimum grade of B-, or MAT-150 and MAT-130, each with a minimum grade of C or placement according to the math placement guide is required prior to registering for this course.