Grade Change Policy

Once a grade has been recorded in the Registrar’s Office it can be changed only if an error was made in assigning the original grade. An error refers to incorrect data entry, miscalculation, or failure to consider all coursework submitted before the grading deadline. Any coursework received after grades are posted or incomplete contract deadline cannot be considered.

If a grading error was made, the instructor must notify the Registrar’s Office by submitting a Grade Change form no later than the end of the Semester following the grade submission. To protect records integrity, all grade changes must be submitted in writing and be signed and dated by the instructor.

For an error discovered more than one term after grade submission, the grade change must be approved by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and supported by documentation (e.g., grade books, papers, examinations) from the instructor or department chair.

A student who believes that a course grade was awarded that does not accurately reflect his or her performance must attempt to resolve the matter with the faculty member within the first six weeks of the next full academic semester (i.e., discussion of Fall or Winter grades must begin within the first six weeks of Spring semester, and Spring and Summer grades within the first six weeks of Fall semester).  If the student and faculty member are unable to reach a solution, then the student may request grade mediation.  Please see the Grade Mediation Policy in the catalog.