The following charts indicate the meaning of the grades assigned and the number of quality points given per credit for each grade. Students who fail to register or enroll officially are not assigned grades or given credit for a course.

Grades used in the grade point average calculation
Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor Failure
A 4.00 B+ 3.30 C+ 2.30 C- 1.70 F 0.00
A- 3.70 B 3.00 C 2.00 D+ 1.30    

  B- 2.70     D 1.00    

          D- 0.70    
Grades not used in the grade point average calculation
Passing (P) Incomplete (I) In-Progress (L) Withdrawal (W) Administrative Withdrawal (WA) Audit (AU)
Passing with credit given. May be elected by students in some instances under the Pass-Fail option. Incomplete - refer to Incomplete policy. Work in progress not expected to be completed in one term. Clear withdraw from course(s). Withdrawal initiated by Faculty or Administration. Audit of coursework.