MUS-206 American Roots Music

American roots music includes a variety of traditional genres, some of which overlap: old-time Appalachian, bluegrass, early blues and jazz, traditional country, Cajun/zydeco, gospel, and others. While these forms of music are still alive today, they also sprouted other genres such as rock and roll, rhythm and blues, and modern jazz. This course will examine the history of American roots music and how it influenced (and was influenced by) American culture and history at large, including the labor rights and civil rights movements. Music is a complex art in and of itself but also a fascinating-and entertaining-lens through which to examine U.S. society in all of its harmony and dissonance. Students will read and write about music but also, of course, listen to many samples of music, both recordings and live in-class performances. This course also counts as a 200-level Introduction to Literary Studies course within the English Department. Prerequiste: FYS-101 or FYS-110


3 credits


FYS-101 or FYS-110