Philosophy Major


35 credits (Total does not include prerequisite courses)

Major Requirements

PHI-214Introduction to Logic

3 credits

PHI-250Ancient Philosophy

3 credits

PHI-255Modern Philosophy

3 credits

PHI-498Philosophy Seminar

1 credit

PHI-490Philosophy Capstone

1 credit

PHI Upper Division-Upper Division (300- or 400-level) Philosophy Courses

9 credits

PHI-498: Required to be taken yearly (1-4 credits)

Complete 9 elective credits from the following:

PHI ELEC-Any PHI course

Up to six credits from the following may count toward the Philosophy Elective requirement:

POE-250 Introduction to Political Philosophy

POE-255 Introduction to Political Philosophy through Plato

POE-350 Topics in Political Philosophy

SPE-310 Philosophy of Communication

Creative Activity Course 3 credits

Take 3 credits from the approved Creative Activities courses.