BUS-451 Building Community Partnerships

This course aims to complete the social entrepreneurial learning objective by providing students an experiential learning opportunity where they can impact the local community. It aims to combine the practical and applied scholarly perspectives, to prepare students to work in the social entrepreneurial sector after graduation. This course is unique in its scope, as it focuses on how to address issues in a local context. Off- campus projects in both Caldwell and the greater Treasure Valley will afford students the opportunity to apply their theoretical and scholarly knowledge to impact local citizens, make new network connections, and introduce them to cross-sectional organizations that share a common interest in alleviating poverty, improving health, education, the environment etc. Guest lectures, project-based learning outcomes will provide the ideal preparation to work in this industry. Prerequisites: ECN 200,  BUS 370 or BUS-371


3 credits


Complete ECN-200, BUS-370, and BUS-371.