Normal Load and Overload

A normal load for undergraduate students in good status is from 12 to 18 credits in the Fall and Spring semesters, and from 3 to 5 credits in the Winter term. A recommended Fall or Spring load for students after their first term is 14-16. Students who wish to enroll for credit in excess of the maximum study load—18 credits in Fall or Spring, 5 credits in Winter— must petition for approval in advance; additional tuition charges will apply. Approval requires the adviser's signature and is based to a great extent upon the student’s past academic record. Student will be responsible for additional credit charges.


Financial-aid eligibility usually requires that a student maintain full-time status, which means that a student be registered for at least 12 credits during the Fall semester and at least 12 credits during the Spring semester; in addition, varsity athletes, international students, and recipients of Veteran's benefits typically must register for at least 12 credits in the Fall, 3 credits in Winter, and 12 credits in the Spring.